About Us

How We Started In India

Sanjeevani has been co-founded by Dr. Pankaj Naram (global authority in Siddhveda, TEDx featured speaker) and Siddharth Shah (IIT - Bombay, Wharton Business School).

The vision is to bring about a lifestyle change to inspire each other to follow a healthy, natural, chemical-free life. Transparency in our formulations from scriptures, scientific usage of each and every ingredient and holistic detox processes are designed to provide comfort and trust in our natural supplements. We don't believe in short-term, "quick fixes". Our goal is to build trust and transparency in our natural detox process to ensure that everyone leads a natural lifestyle.

"Sanjeevani" - Our Lineage

Dr. Naram is an authority in Siddhvedic supplements across the world. Dignitaries like Mother Teresa, His Holiness Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and many others have benefited from his supplements. Dr. Naram has a lineage of Gurus, from whom the knowledge about a perfect natural lifestyle, increasing age expectancy, and herbal formulations of scriptures from Nalanda University (800 AD) have been handed over since centuries. His ultimate Guru in this lineage was Jivaka - Lord Buddha's personal physician.

Our brand - Sanjeevani - stems from the vision of providing a natural lifestyle to keep oneself youthful and vibrant - just like Sanjeevani Butti referenced in Ramayana.

Scientific, Long Term Deeper Healing

Our formulations are strong, prepared in our pharmaceutical facility at Nashik and have achieved great success in treating more than a million people in Europe, USA and Africa. In India, we bring the same formulations of Dr. Naram which have helped Mother Teresa, His Holiness Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and many others, making them suitable for the Indian climate and lifestyle. Our home remedies, diet and supplements, along with frequent live sessions amongst a cohesive community, ensure that our supplements will heal your health issue for a long-term period.